Today we’re not featuring an individual video but rather giving you a few tips for making your Project for Awesome video, well, awesome.

1. Try not to make your video too long. People are going to be watching a ton of videos on the 17th, and they don’t want to sit through a rambly, unedited vlog for ten minutes. Keep your video short and to the point so that people will watch the whole thing and learn all about your cause. A good length to aim for is 2 - 4 minutes, unless you have such compelling content that it just needs to be longer.

2. Try not to spend too much time explaining what the Project for Awesome is. Most people watching your video will already know, so just put an explanation in the description as well as a link to, and people who stumble across your video can read that to learn all about it.

3. Similarly, don’t spend too much time promoting your own channel in your video. One or two sentences is fine to explain the type of videos you make if they’re different from what you’re doing for your P4A video, but much more than that and it just looks like you’re using the Project to help promote yourself, which isn’t what this is all about.

4. Long gone are the days when putting an image in the exact middle of your video would always be the thumbnail. If you can’t upload your own custom thumbnail, consider putting the logo for the P4A in the corner of your whole video so that no matter what thumbnail YouTube’s algorithms choose, the logo is always there.

5. We can’t feature your video if we can’t find it! Put Project for Awesome 2012 or P4A 2012 in the title of your video as well as phrases like “Project for Awesome 2012” and “P4A2012” in the tags. Be sure to also submit your video to the Project for Awesome website on December 17th so we can browse through them all in one place.

We hope these tips were helpful for you. Now get off Tumblr and go make your Project for Awesome video!

**If you missed the thumbnails yesterday, you can download them now from this Tumblr post**

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